A Gift Guide for New and Established Bloggers

I am going to take you through some blogging concepts rarely spoken about in the blogging industry. These are “hidden” truths that rotate more on the real working journey that individual bloggers go through. They include creating a money-making blog, getting traffic, and monetizing a blog, especially through affiliate marketing.

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But before we continue, put in mind the following!

You are not into blogging to please people. Be sure that not everyone will like you or your work. The good thing is that you are not here to solve the problems of everyone in the world. So, just do your thing and let haters be.

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The second point is perfection. I have seen many young, potential, and hungry bloggers throwing in the towel while searching for perfection. They don’t realize that doing something is better than being perfect after all. Effort matters and it is satisfying to know that at least you did your part.

The third point is persistence. Let no one discourage or give you negative thoughts that you can’t make it. Be curious, keep learning, and ensure that you are your biggest cheerleader. There is a saying that goes like “Whoever flies alone develops the strongest wings”. Many bloggers here are making a decent income doing what they love most. Why not you?

The final and most important part is that you should never be afraid to invest in the right blogging education. There are many of them and I am going to share with you some of the best that I have personally used. Meanwhile, you can start with Ana’s FREE guide on how to start a money-making blog.

The Gift Guide for Bloggers.

Blogging Is Not as Simple as “They” Say.

“They” is in quotes because seasoned bloggers tell newbies that blogging is very easy. Look here, for you to achieve your target, you have to go through a “difficult” process. By saying difficult, I don’t mean it is complex. It is just a very simple process that requires effort and concentration. And, blogging is a perfect example of something simple but not easy.

Learn the Concept of Delayed Gratification.

You have built a website through WordPress and Bluehost, written powerful SEO articles, and then added affiliate links. You have even applied for AdSense. Here is a spoiler! Don’t expect immediate results. You have to adopt an aggressive marketing strategy before you start earning. The high potential of making money once traffic starts streaming in should be your driving factor.

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This first eBook explains how to go about affiliate marketing, a super guide for both beginner and veteran bloggers. eBook number two is about the affiliate program master list. Here you will find all the best and high paying affiliate programs and how to go about them if you want to be their affiliate.

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Learn How to Run Ads Before Using Them.

You will lose lots of dollars if you ever pay for ads that you can’t run properly. That is why you should invest in courses that explain in detail how to go about advertising and running ads. With such courses, all the information is boxed and you can learn a simple step by step processes.

But, if you are low on finances, use youtube and relevant blogs. They can help you out even though you will take a lot of time sourcing for the right details.

Time for Action

Maybe you are at a stage where you need no more resources. And thus, being resourceful is the only way forward. You just can’t keep absorbing information without any action!

Go out, create, and practice what you have been reading so that you start and keep growing. Take more than 10x action especially if you are a newbie because it pays out in the long term. If you are creating 2 blogs per week, make them 4. Join social media groups (Facebook) and market your content. Learn how Pinterest works and pull visitors to your site. Employ aggressive and massive action as you sprint towards your goals.

Marketing Strategy

Focus on only one marketing strategy if you are monetizing your channel. I know some may dispute this one because of their different approach, but I believe you can’t kill 2 birds with one stone. If you are perfect with creating blog posts, avoid going to create videos. Do more of blogging by doubling or tripling your efforts. You are bound to get more desired results by doing so.

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Pinterest eBook: A master guide on how to go about Pinterest and how you can monetize your Pinterest business account. It also details how you can channel traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

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How to start a money making blog

And finally, fear not, get out of your comfort zone, and if you are there just hang on a little bit. Human achievement is unlimited. Your business just started growing and the results of your hard work are a fingertip away.

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