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Hi there! Just call me Job James. JJ, if you like. I launched this lifestyle blog http://trendytheatrebombs.com/  in February 2020. Currently, I am a postgraduate student doing project planning and management but still manage to set time aside to do what I like most – blogging.

My first interaction with “blogging” was in 2017 when I was still an undergraduate student. Not really blogging but writing for content mills. Started with some low paying gigs from textbroker and getacopywriter. And later graduated to writing for individual institutions. All along, I have been a service provider to websites and businesses. I have managed to balance both my classwork and writing ventures and in the process developed proposals, presentations, copies, reviews, and how-to articles among other services for straight answer markets.

Here I am going to tell you of how I have transformed all along hoping it will inspire someone too.


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After college, I got a daily 8-5 job as a rolling stock personnel at a railway station. It was a wrong move because I was off the pedal from the first day. Zero-interest!

This is a job that required me to work on a specific routine. I wanted my freedom back and reporting to a boss was not the right step to go!

It did not take long before boredom began creeping in. I was enjoying less and less of me waking up daily and reporting to a boss. And, in as much as there was job security, housing, medical allowance, and some other social benefits accrued in the contract, I felt it was not my thing.

The only positive thing during this period is that I was still doing what interested me. Offering writing services especially during the evenings. My gut feeling was more inclined towards being a writer than reporting to a boss daily.

No Longer at Ease

I resigned 4 months later. I yearned for something more, freedom away from the 8-5 lifestyle, completely away from a box, and far away from the monotony of traffic jams during peak hours. I knew I was not cut for employment and probably, the daily boring routines.  

After getting off employment, I resorted to full-time writing. Armed with some experience, I resorted to creating my own blog. This was the first step towards the direction I wanted. I was looking for something that gave me the liberty to work according to my schedule, which is late into the night since I don’t love mornings. 

Goals and Aspirations

During that period, I joined Ana’s free course on how to make a money-making blog. In the process I learned how to drive traffic to your website if you are a blogging newbie and the journey that different bloggers took when they were starting out. The more I read, the more I got interested in how they went about it and how blogging improved their financial situations. These blogging and financial stories encouraged me to start my journey too, and that is where the idea of trendytheatrebombs.com was born.

It has been a good journey so far, though am still in my early stages, the progress is good. My ultimate goals at the moment are self-employment and freedom.

Starting is always the hardest part for beginners but after you set the dice rolling, it becomes more of a hobby. It’s all about letting go of your fear and start exploring the limitless opportunities available on the internet and outside the routinely boring world.

However, I have realized that this is not a scheme to get rich quickly. It takes some time before your blog becomes viable. You, therefore, need some source of income as you continue working on your blog.

Online Materials

I have bought some eBooks and then taken time to learn what happens online and subsequently implemented some strategies onto this blog. I have also invested in some online learning materials and this has helped me move faster unlike if I would be randomly scouring the internet for general information while looking for specifics.

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Its only late February this year (2020) that I came across Pinterest. I learned that if used well, it can be a great tool for driving traffic to your website. And, therefore, with zero experience (rookie) and no guidance, I created a business account and since then I have been constantly blogging and pinning. The numbers for my page views have been constantly rising and soon am going to apply for high paying ads. You can find the guide on how to go about Pinterest here.

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