Affiliate Marketing – What You Should Know.

I first heard about affiliate marketing in October 2019, while attending an online seminar on how to monetize a blog.

Up until then, this was a totally “new” concept to me. Immediately took it up with a lot of interest and began learning what it entails. I started as a rookie and still learning because, with affiliate marketing, new concepts have kept coming up each day. This, therefore, necessitates you to be on the current trends lest you left behind.

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Ana’s Ebooks

One working strategy that I employed in my desire to learn affiliate marketing was investing in the right education material. During my online search, I came across Ana’s affiliate marketing training bundle. This eBook explains systematically and in detail on how to go about affiliate marketing. It perfectly guided me as a beginner through all the basic and detailed concepts required before placing affiliate links on my blog.

It was at this period that I also joined Ana’s free course on how to start a money-making blog. A very insightful free course with helpful guidelines for a beginner trying to come up with a money-making blog. But it was not until February 2020 that I decided to start a blog.

And that is the only mistake I made during this period. Procrastinating! I understand this is something a majority of us undergo. A characteristic that doesn’t help move forward. Why? I believe I would be far by now in terms of earning through affiliate links had I started this blog earlier. But it is still never too late!

As a newbie, it is usually advisable to begin as early as now. The good thing is that more business merchants are turning online and they want more affiliate marketers. Online business keeps on growing and it only needs the right motivation and discipline to join this industry.

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For you to join an affiliate program, you MUST have a blog. And, if you are worried on how to start a blog and monetizing it, that is a very easy task. It is more like: Build a Website> Write Content> Add Affiliate Links> Market > Earn.

You can start a blog really cheap here with Bluehost.

You can come back later, but first, let us learn about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

I know a majority of you have seen what social media influencers do on their platforms. They advocate for a company’s products and services to their audience and in return earn commissions. That is precisely affiliate marketing except that as a blogger, you put purchase links on your pages. And once your readers make a purchase, you earn commissions.

Initially, I had some doubts about whether this venture would work. You see I was a newbie and thought that for me to succeed I must have a serious blog and a tone of page viewers. I also thought that I needed special skills to make it happen. Such are the doubts you are probably gonna get and I am here to put light to some of them.

Blog Traffic

These are the people visiting your site. Either you have directed them through Pinterest or they found you through search engines. They are the ones who have to make a purchase for you to earn. With traffic and making sales, I am an example that anybody can do this as long as he or she puts out the best content. In this process, I have made considerably good progress and I have realized that I don’t need lots of traffic to make a sale.

But, you still need the traffic to make sales and you can check how I used Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog. Pinterest is a great tool when used to generate traffic and it helped me make huge steps as compared to waiting for search engines to display my work. This is possible if only you get off your comfort zone and start learning how Pinterest works. Put in mind that blog followers are just but an illusion as a beginner. As long as you keep grinding!

The good thing about affiliate income is that you can earn from a single blog post for years, as long as you keep updating your blog and ensuring traffic keeps coming. In that way, you are freer, away from the daily 8-5 job while virtually promoting your favorite products and services.

This is what I Have learned:

You must employ a correct marketing strategy when putting affiliate links. There is the right way to go about it and you can find these details in Ana’s affiliate marketing bundle eBook. Don’t be careless to think that randomly placing your affiliate links on your blog will earn you some income. It rarely works that way.

Free online learning material is expensive in that it will take much of your valuable time to research and learn how this trade works. Learn to spend on online courses.

Even if you have seasoned experience about this topic, new ideas keep cropping up. Keep learning and be always updated.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a learning process that requires patience and a hands-on approach to issues.

Keep planning, and working smart. Since you won’t be motivated on a daily basis, embrace discipline. Once you employ this with determination, success is just a few steps away.

Getting your affiliate marketing application approved

Now, this is a very easy process. In fact, easier than applying for ads. But only if you follow the required instructions. Affiliate programs work differently and some approve your application instantly while others take time.

Here is an insider view of a manager on what really happens.

On a day, they receive hundreds of applications, some from genuine people and others from spammers. They, therefore, have to check the individual details of each applicant in order to ensure quality approval for their programs.

These are the details that the managers consider before you are approved:

1. Is your domain top-level and site working?

An example of a top-level domain is Avoid free websites such as ( whenever you want to monetize your blog. The managers will never take you too seriously, thus, cancel your application. You can buy your domain from or get a free one from Bluehost.

You can start here with bluehost!

Since the managers receive many applications, they have no much time to dwell on your details. Therefore, ensure that your site is live before making an application.

2. How quality is the design of your blog and content?

Yah all know how powerful first impression is. Well, you have to impress the managers with both factors mentioned above. Important links to your pages (about page, privacy policy, and contact) should be on your blog footer. Ensure to also use premium WordPress themes.

About content, don’t try to be so perfect. You may find yourself dropping off before you begin if you are chasing perfection. Just do it your way as long as you don’t have glaring grammar mistakes. Your blog’s content is your lifeline and better be safe with it.

3. Register with real details.

Never be afraid that an affiliate program may cancel your application if you are not from a certain region. And never think that if you register with pseudo details you won’t be noticed. You will be fighting a losing battle because you will be tracked, especially during payment and the program will ban you. Avoid programs that don’t accept affiliate marketers from your region.

In terms of payment, make sure that the payment service offered by the company is acceptable in your country. An example is Amazon’s affiliates. This program does not pay using Paypal, you, therefore, have to create a Payoneer account and use a virtual bank account within the account for payments if you are outside the US.

4. How relevant is the affiliate program?

In case you are handling a fitness blog; you are not supposed to be applying for programs related to food. You just won’t be accepted because your subscriber’s interests are elsewhere (on fitness).

Instead, do a simple google exploration on “fitness related affiliate programs”. The programs will come out.

5. You can’t purchase from yourself (using your own links)

Sorry to say that doing so will lead to termination of your account. It doesn’t matter on your intention, you will be terminated and banned. If at all you wanted some bargain, simply email the affiliate plan’s sales representative, they are always happy to help their affiliate marketers with subsidized services or goods.

6. Use an email with some resemblance to your domain.

Make it straight forward for the managers to recognize your web and serve you quickly. An example is, your email, therefore, should be [email protected]. At no point should you also use an email e.g. ([email protected]) that contains the name of the affiliate program that you are applying to. Creating such emails brings out untrustworthiness from your side.

7. Avoid submitting your social URL in the site section.

Affiliate managers find it hard to figure out what promotional strategies you are going to use if you submit your social URL. But if you are to submit your social URL, make sure it is specifically for business and contains thousands of followers.

8. Your application should be error-free.

How good are you in the command of your language? If you aren’t sure about your language, look for Grammarly. It will help you eliminate your grammar mistakes resulting to clear communication to your audience. Also, strive to understand the technical phrases of your topics.

9. “How will you endorse us?”

In a simple and precise manner, explain to the managers the strategies you will use to promote the company products. This is a compulsory section.

10. Where are you getting traffic from?

Explain the sources from which you will pull traffic to your site. Check out Ana’s blog traffic eBook that details ways to pull traffic to your site. Ana’s eBook on Pinterest also gives ways that you can use Pinterest to get traffic. All these books are power sources, especially for beginners. Use this DISCOUNT CODE “TSA5OFF” when accessing the eBooks so that you can get them on offer.

Managers will check out where the majority of your site readers come from. At all times, avoid dubious means of driving traffic to your site because the same managers don’t mind approving new sites.

Time to work.  

These are easy procedures, just follow the steps and the affiliate programs will approve your application. Then later, share with us your experience in the comment section.

But before that, I want to show you the many affiliate programs available and what to consider before joining one. Some are listed below, that is after the next two subtopics but the majority can be found in Ana’s affiliate program master list.

What to consider before choosing an affiliate program.

As a newbie, ensure to seek help from professionals about affiliate programs. You should also learn about the company you are applying to together with its services and products. Once you get the right affiliate program, you are good to start marketing.

A constant factor is maintaining your audience and striving to get a bigger outreach. Once you add this to efficiency in completing your tasks, you can earn as much as possible. Hard work is, therefore, necessary especially during the early stages when you are learning the ropes of the game.

Never shy from investing in a course because paid training aids you to learn and earn quicker as compared generally sampling the internet for information.

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Let’s now look at the characteristics of a good program.

What must consider.

1. Does the business have products?

This is the first step to consider. Ensure that the business has multiple products and or services so as to have the option of marketing more. Learn where popular goods are and source their links.

2. Is the program easy to use?

How comfortable are you with the affiliate? Do you find it complicated?

Ensure to sign for a program that gives you an easy approach. One that you can attach your online payment details easily. If you don’t have the Paypal option, especially for Amazon associates, sign up with Payoneer here.

3. How sought after is the program?

Well-liked programs usually engage more in terms of buying and selling. This, therefore, is an indicator that by choosing a popular and relevant program, your prospects of becoming successful are high.

Look at these 4 affiliate programs if you are a beginner

1. Amazon Associates

This is the largest and longest-serving online store. It is the ideal free sign up store to start with because it has helped many website owners make money through its billions of daily online shoppers.

The prospect for growth at amazon is always high since more producers of goods are open to the objectivity of selling their merchandise through the site. Well, Amazon has always been a very popular option.

The process of becoming an affiliate member is really extensive. You are supposed to fill in forms with rightly applicable answers. After that, confirm your security by providing your personal details and then finally set up your remission details for remuneration.

For promoters outside the United States, amazon doesn’t pay using PayPal. You should, therefore, create a Payoneer account here and connect it to your local bank. Make sure to look at other payment options in their plan.

After completing the steps given, you are now officially an amazon marketer. Visit the right tab at the top bar, search for goods, click the yellow indicator, you will receive a special link that you will use for your promotions. In case the link is long, ensure to shorten it to avoid confusing your buyers.

2. Rakuten Affiliate

This is a very choosy affiliate with strict rules! It is too selective but is well known to provide the greatest affiliate program worldwide.

Its registration process is also substantial and requires lots of particulars. Following registration, visit the program’s tab and source the right links (your niche) for use.

It is recommended owing to the fact that it has good resources even though it has the tendency of dismissing small affiliates.

3. Clickbank Affiliate

This is a freestyle affiliate because it does not even necessitate an individual to own an account. You can freely view their products without hustle. It also has a variety to choose from, thus, making it ideal for beginners.

But for you to monetize with ClickBank, you need to create an account. This one is a simple process that requires your personal and remuneration details. They give out quick guides that help you know how to go about your business.

4. Commission Junction

Also referred to as the master of big commissions. It has many advantages that include numerous niches, many merchants, and a secure scan product section.

It requires that you open an account and fill in the required and necessary information about becoming a publisher. Here, a site is mandatory and it’s only after you have submitted your website URL, you are directed to a dashboard.

The last move is to create a simple straightforward biography as required and then fully launch your working profile. At the promotion’s section, there are prospective dealers that may work with your niche. Once a dealer grabs your attention, you convey a request to him or her. Once they approve, you start looking for links to generate traffic.

With this, you should continually look for new dealers that have the same interests as those of your niche.

Check out Ana’s affiliate program master list eBook for more affiliate programs. Use this DISCOUNT CODE “TSA5OFF” when accessing the eBook in order to get it cheap.

Affiliate marketing, especially for newbies, necessitates mastering the art of delayed gratification, and effort. Strive to read more eBooks, blogs, and watch youtube tutorials.

Share with me your affiliate marketing journey in the comment section below!

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