Amazing Ways That You Can Rock A Turtleneck

‘Turtleneck’ may be a common term. But have you ever heard of a ‘mock neck’? Basically, both are a type of cloth that are related because of one characteristic – they both cover the neck. The only difference being that a turtleneck has a high rolled collar that is foldable while the mock neck’s collar is not foldable.

This, therefore, means that if you try to fold the mock neck’s collar, it will turn out to be flimsy around your neck. This is unlike the turtleneck that seamlessly folds over and drapes well on your neck.

A White Mock Neck

The power of a turtleneck.

Over the years turtlenecks have gained popularity with stylish guys embracing them worldwide. Take an example of Dwayne Johnson, famously known as “The Rock” is wrestling circles and Jeff Goldblum – the personification of sexiness himself. There is also Jay Z and Diddy who have worn turtlenecks to Grammy Awards. Should I say “Miz” the wrestler? He really looks fine in them whenever he is holding the Miz Tv show on WWE.

It should be noted that these celebrities do not wear turtlenecks for the sake of it. It is a style statement that they are trying to make formulated by celebrity stylists with a motive of securing the status of the celebrities as being “stylish”. This, therefore, makes them “different and special”.

However, their specialty is not all about celebrities.


Turtlenecks have a way of casualizing your wardrobe – if at all its formal. And in as much as it keeps you warm, it also keeps you comfortable. As an introvert, this is the best cloth for you because you can burrow your face – like Victoria Beckham and in case you feel bad about your neck, look no further.

Burrowed Face

Styling a turtleneck

Turtlenecks can be differentiated in two types – some are thick (designed for warmth) and others are thin (make a great substitute for a shirt).

If at all you want to look good in a turtleneck, avoid long hair by all means. Long hair covers the turtleneck and makes your face look overcrowded. And in case your hair is long, make it into a sporty ponytail. It brings out magic.

Turtlenecks are good at dressing down suits. Compare the dressing below – One in an official shirt and black suit while the other in a turtleneck and black suit. One looks formal and the suit is more pronounced while the one in a turtle neck, the suit is no longer pronounced. A turtleneck, therefore, creates a different look with a suit.

Man in a Black Suit and official shirt
Man in a Turtleneck and Black suit

Harmonizing colors

Because a majority of turtlenecks are fitting, avoid wearing anything under a turtleneck. Why? Having an outline of a vest or t-shirt underneath brings out an odd look. So, make sure to wear them directly under the skin and ensure that the turtleneck material is thick enough to hide any beneath outlining.

Combining turtlenecks with other colors is a challenge for some people. This is where stylists come in to help you ensure that the colors are in harmony so that you look well dressed. They do this by ensuring that colors complement each other. My favorite pairing is blue jeans and grey boots for a black turtleneck. On the outside, you can wear a green coat.

For the winter period, grey, ivory, and tan colors work well with a majority of pants and cardigans. This is because grey blends well with many of the color clothes worn during winter. This, therefore, means that your jeans or khaki should never be black or navy because of their close resemblance to the turtleneck and probable jacket.

For a date, a black turtle neck is an option that you should consider. The good thing is that black works well for both genders. For a man, it gives the impression of maturity and confidence that is rarely found in other knitwear. For a lady, a non-constricting black turtleneck sweater looks stylish and sophisticated and since it covers up to the neck, a man’s attention during the date will be on the face, not boobs!

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