Dressing Your Bump – Stylish Pregnancy Clothes


Congratulations! – you are expectant. You are now looking at your closet and wondering your next course of pregnancy motivated action for the next nine months.


Pregnancy is always a tricky period because your body is changing and it may look strange to you, especially if you are a first-time mother. Your closet too may look confusing and you wonder which clothes will fit on a daily basis.

For the first three months, you can wear your normal clothes. Changes here are not serious. It is only after the first trimester that you may realize that your clothes are no longer fitting. Your baby bump is growing and it is at this moment that you may consider looking for the latest maternity wear –that is if you are into fashion.

Here are tips on how to dress your bump without dramatic overspending.

Time to wear pregnancy clothing

The time in 5 months – larger loose and or comfortable clothes are becoming a necessity during this period. You are “growing” at a high rate. It only gets interesting at this stage because maternity clothes are available and in plenty and you will be surely spoilt for choice. The best option here is to buy a few necessary clothing items in consideration of the changing times during pregnancy. It is always advisable to buy clothes that you will grow into – as the bump grows and probably some period after giving birth.

1. Pregnancy footwear

In terms of footwear, you are never allowed to go wrong. Ensure to keep your style simple, sleek, safe, and comfortable. There are varieties of pairs of flat sneakers either online or physical stores. Find a set that you can slip on without much stress – considering that your feet may be swollen and a little bit heavy. In case it is winter, it is advisable to go for knee-high flat fitting gumboots.

However, going for heels is not always a bright idea, and you are discouraged from doing that. This is not the time to slay as you may break your bones.

2.  Maternity bra

A maternity bra is not a necessity during pregnancy if you have smaller breasts. It is only comfortable for the big breasted women more so by the 16th week. Why? This is the time when the breasts would have developed and are ready for lactation. You should, therefore, buy a bra that fits you correctly and that is more comfortable.

Ensure to avoid any bra that has the potential to put pressure on your boobs because it may lead to blocked milk ducts.

3.  Maternity undies

These are a must
; they make you feel a lot more whole and happier especially if you choose comfortable cotton underwear. The undie should also be stretchy for versatility since your body changes each month.

Cotton undie

4.  Choosing a dress

Look for a mushy dress material that fits easily because your body is constantly changing; One supersizes maxi dress that is patient and forgiving enough to take you through your stages of pregnancy. Such a dress also hides your vanishing waistline and you don’t have to bother on people scrutinizing you.

There is also a shift dress – one that the body skims at the upper section and then flares out near the waist down. This one has a youthful look and is a favorite among newly expectant women.

Maxi dress

5.  Unregulated, chunky cardigan

Chunky cardigans with an uneven front give you the flexibility you require as an expectant mother. Zero stress! Choose one with either with no button or one button that allows you to either wear it open or closed. The result is a simple elegant look that works in all seasons, either winter, spring, or even after the debut of your ‘puppy’.

Go ahead and match your cardigan with a fittingly loose turtleneck but ensure that the colors conform and blend to each other.

chunky cardigan

6.  A stretchy pair of jeans

Look for a comfortable skinny pair. A skinny jean means one that hugs and appreciates you just the way you are – your curves and makes you look and feel great. A dark color is great since it is exceptionally flattering. You can then either dress it in knee-high flat boots or flats according to the current weather.

7.  A tank top

Stretchy microfiber long tank tops work best for pregnant mothers. The ones with thick straps have the ability to hide your bra and be in charge of how your chest looks like. It is, therefore, necessary to look for one that fits and rhymes well with your figure during the pregnancy period.

Sleeved light tank top

8.  Leggings

Leggings are most comfortable during your swollen days. They naturally streamline your body, especially when worn with boots. The good thing is that there are motherhood tights at the stores though most expectant mothers prefer the normal tights. You should take your comfort seriously during pregnancy and this means that when your bump is getting bigger, slouch your waistband under. It works.


Have I missed any other item? Share with me below.

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