Embrace Your Femininity With These Rocking Bikinis.

Woman sunbathing - green bikini

Heading for the beach or poolside? Or getting to enjoy some time at a spa? A bikini is an all-time piece of cloth that will help you step out with conviction. Bikinis are remarkable and allow you to reveal your personal favorite style – you can choose mix and match pieces, push up bikini, animal print bikini, and cropped swimwear for a sporty look among others.

The history of bikinis

Bikini history has been traced to as early as 5600 BC where the artwork of women adorning bikini-like garments has been found. This was during the Roman era athletic events.

The other bikini documentation is during 1946, after World War II when there was material rationing. I know you are surprised by this! That there was inadequate clothing material and this necessitated the making of bikinis. This to some may not sound logical but that was the situation.

Over time, bikinis grew and became accepted becoming the most popular beachwear worldwide.

Blue one-piece bikini


Summer period represents an easy-going breezy season and that is what bikinis are all about – lying under the beach palms or chaise lounges beside a pool as you soak under the sun. It feels safe knowing that there are several bikini designs that compliment every body type. Thus, giving you the confidence and pride to flaunt “what your mama gave you” because they compliment any body type. In addition, it also allows you to stay confident in your skin.

Black and white bikini

If you believe in more body covering, lookout for a high waisted bikini. Such a bikini can be great when paired with a light sundress for an early evening beachy look.

Multicolored high waist bikini

On the contrary, micro bikinis make a good option especially during the mid-morning hours – when the sun’s rays are settling.

Woman in a micro bikini holding a surfing board

It always feels good waking up summer mornings knowing that your destination is at the beach – either for surfing or swimming. Therefore, bikinis make a basic necessity for any beach lover’s wardrobe. Ensure to choose a sleek and stylish color with comfortable material that will make you feel secure all day long – without any worry of a wardrobe malfunction!

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