Gifts for Bird Lovers


Birds, the art that is inspired by nature – one that brings out infinite leisure and calms down your anxiety and toil. Here are examples of gifts for bird lovers:

1. Books for Bird Lovers

There are many entertaining and informative books where the author inspires the reader about the nature of birds.

bird book

Some books go about scientifically explaining the intelligence of birds and what goes on in their minds. They open up your mind and you get to know that birds are not as dumb as many people assume.

Examples and characteristics of such birds include:

Nutcrackers, which are known to have sharp memories. They are able to remember when and where they once faced danger and in the process avoid such locations. They can also detect any danger that is coming their way and fly away before harm.


Pigeons, which are known to have exceptional homing abilities. They prepare their nests in the most comfortable and best way possible. I also know you have heard about how they were used to deliver messages during the ancient times, especially in Egypt. Their ability to travel as far as 1,100 miles and trace their way back made them valuable messengers.

Real Nostalgia!


Crows, have bigger brains and this enables them to systematically plan their actions before execution. In their numbers, they can plan and work out on something successfully.


I bet not many people know that!

There is also an emotional part of Crows whereby they gather and pay respect to their dead. Sometimes they execute other Crows! With reasons only known to them!

Other books explain the many delightful journeys that different species of birds make worldwide, either in search of food or mating partners. And with some mix of captivating stories and scientific facts, this will make a good gift for bird lovers.

2. Bird House for Birdies

birdhouses with different sizes of entry

What a great idea!

Whether online or local stores, you are sure to find a birdhouse. With plenty of supply of different house designs, you are sure spoilt for choice. You can go ahead and buy a customized house or customize one yourself!

And wait?

Why not buy materials that you and your birdie can use to build one? Go and shape your fantasy house or borrow one from the thousands of designs available online. (gifts for bird lovers)

bluebird next to a wooden birdhouse

3. Bird Bath

Birdbaths are good gifts for bird lovers especially if your birdie has a backyard garden. This is a nice gift that comes with many design options for different birds. You can also find one that is controlled by a thermostat, which becomes useful during winter as it keeps the potential icing of water in liquid form.

deck mounted birdbath

If you want to decorate your garden, ensure to choose a stylish birdbath – pick either a classic one, deck mounted, or one that you can position on the ground.

During winter, ensure to pick a heated birdbath that will provide warm water for the birds. And since it is thermostat controlled, it will only turn on once it starts freezing thus saving on power.

4. Bird Art

We recommend that you learn about what your birdie loves in the form of art and come up with a fashionable and unique bird gift.

Come up with the following:

Bird paintings that you find interesting. Find this out from your local museum or visiting an art festival.

bird painting

Go buy some bird photographs from a renowned and specialist bird photographer.

Look for a skilled craftsman and buy some bird statures that you find interesting.

Window shop and select a bird identification poster – one with a variety of characteristics and styles.

Eagle art

5. T-shirt with Bird Drawings

Who wouldn’t want a shirt where his or her favorite bird is drawn on it?

Discretely learn the types of birds that your birdie loves – and choose a special and original t-shirt that will fit into their personality.

One will love a t-shirt designed with a favorite bird and considering the varieties of styles and colors available in the stores, you sure have choices. You can also look out for awesome polo-shirts, jackets, and hoodies with bird prints. They all make perfect gifts for bird lovers.

6. Umbrella Inspired Bird House

Extreme weather conditions – hot sun and frequent rains need an umbrella. And what a way to gift – looking for a birdhouse inspired umbrella designed and detailed with a favorite bird.

umbrella inspired birdhouse

Look for an elegant portable umbrella that is waterproof and strong enough to prevent it from flipping inside out. Especially one that is durable and strong enough to protect from windblown rain.

7. Bird’s Nest Bed

Are you feeling lavish? Then this sounds the best idea for your birdie. Maybe this is what one needs to bring out the faith to fly!

By taking a nap in this bed, you feel like you are in a nest, with egg-shaped pillows in tow. You can go ahead and choose the colors of the pillows to match the personality and interior design of your house. Either by splashing some good-looking color patterns into their decor or leaving it naturally white.

You can come across many creative designers out there who craft human nests. They design them to be comfortable and sensual.

8. Bird-Friendly Coffee

coffee illustration

A simple google search ‘Bird-Friendly Coffee’ directs you to coffee originating from Latin America farms. Here, the coffee farms are grown under a canopy that provides a forested habitat for birds. This includes food and homes for natural bird survival.

By buying such coffee, you help sustain the survival of birds and mother nature.

9. Binoculars

Bird watching – This necessitates binoculars, a must-have with a backup pair in tow. The backup is either for replacement after damage or to be used by a friend. Ensure to also buy a portable charger for a quick charge when in the field.

black binoculars

10. Owl Tea Maker

This device holds dried tea leaves in a cup with steaming water – a creative way to spice up the fashion of your birdie’s tea.

an open tea maker

There are a variety of tea infusers in the market and you are at liberty to choose your birdie’s preference. Once you are done brewing tea, remove the infuser. For an infuser with small holes, use it for a post brewing process.

how a tea infuser works

11. Bird Feeder

Before making a purchase ensure you know the species of birds that your birdie loves to see. Know the different feeding habits of birds so that you pick the right shape or size of a bird feeder.

open bird feeder
hummingbird feeder
gift for a bird lover

The bird feeders range from trays, tubes, hoppers, among others. General bird feeders attract a variety of bird species. A hummingbird feeder attracts only hummingbirds. You should, therefore, ensure that the choice you make is right.

caged bird feeder
gift for a bird lover
sunflower seeds birdfeeder

Share with me any detail or any other gift that you think I missed mentioning above in the comment section below. Cheers!


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