Embrace Your Femininity With These Rocking Bikinis.

Woman sunbathing - green bikini

Heading for the beach or poolside? Or getting to enjoy some time at a spa? A bikini is an all-time piece of cloth that will help you step out with conviction. Bikinis are remarkable and allow you to reveal your personal favorite style – you can choose mix and match pieces, push up bikini, animal print bikini, and cropped swimwear for a sporty look among others.

The history of bikinis

Bikini history has been traced to as early as 5600 BC where the artwork of women adorning bikini-like garments has been found. This was during the Roman era athletic events.  ...  READ MORE

Super Weekend at The Island City – SINGAPORE

Welcome to Singapore, a magnetic city-state known for her luxury hotels, posh malls, refined cuisine, beaches, inspiring attractions, and expeditious junctions.  

High rise Singapore structures

Our visit here exemplified a unified system of greenery and city life – blended with cultures that included the Arabs, Chinese, Tamil, English, and Malay, among many others.  ...  READ MORE